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For Apple Computers

A Macintosh version is being distributed free of charge for non-commercial use by the UC Berkeley School of Education. Berkeley Boxer runs in MacOS 9 and below.  It runs in MacOS X in classic mode. It is currently available here  at the  website  of  the Boxer group at UC Berkeley.

As a service to our customers, PyxiSystems provides a patch file for Berkeley Boxer.   Mac Jumbo Patch 1.7 for Berkeley Boxer fixes some bugs, includes new primitives from, and maintains file system compatability with, the upcoming commercial versions of  Boxer,  To use this patch, unpack the Stuffit Archive, then place it in the "Extensions" folder which can be found in the main folder of  the boxer application.  It will be automatically loaded in the next time you open the boxer application.

A MacOS X native, Carbon compliant (also runs in MacOS 9 using the Carbon library) is currently in beta test. See this page for more information.

For Windows Computers

A demonstration version of Boxer with online demos and documentation for the PC is available here: PC Boxer Trial version
This is a fully functional release of  the Boxer System which will expire after 30 days.

Send mail requesting notification of Boxer's commercial release to: