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Boxer for OSX

Boxer 2.9f Release for MacOS X

Boxer 2.9f is now available for MacOS X computers. This version will run in native MacOS X (no need for Classic Mode). A stuffit archive of this version along with Documentation and Demos can be downloaded here.  If want the application only, then you can get it here

Experimental Extensions

An archive of recently ported extensions can be found here. 

This version of the archive comes with a file named pmcl-OSX-kernel which should be placed in the same folder as the application.

This fully functional release of boxer will expire after 30 days of use unless it is unlocked with a license number available from

Release Notes

Update release notes for 2.9{a-f} coming soon....

Printing works now. By default it will scale the boxer window to fit the printing page. This behavior can be changed using the "Page Setup" menu item.

The speed problems with sprite graphics have been substantially improved in 2.6.3.

The MacOS release is a port of the existing PC Boxer. Most things which work there should work in this version as well. Some of the more Mac-Centric features in Berkeley Boxer are missing from this release such as the ability to imbed documents from other applications in boxer structure. Like the early versions of PC boxer, file boxes will temporarily appear as black squares rather than the file icon.

The About Boxer menu item should work now.

Pasting of graphics which have been cut or copied from other applications should work now. The extra Graphics paste menu item in the Edit menu should no longer be neccessary but will be temporarily retained.

Network services now work. This includes mail and ftp.

Mouse rollover documentation is another item which will eventually appear, just not in this beta test.

Graphics Preference: Immediate-Sprite-Drawing. has been removed. Sprite graphics are now automatically updated on a periodic basis. The parameters for the update frequency are still undergoing some tuning. If you feel that the updates are not happening often enough (which would appear as a certain choppiness to sprite graphics), please send mail to the bug-boxer address below.

The Quit menu item in the application menu should work now.

Please send bug, request and general comments to