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What kinds of things can you make in PyxiSystems Boxer?
What materials already exist?
Where can I read about Boxer and its philosophy of education?
Where can I read about Boxer Programming?

What kinds of things can you make in Boxer?

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What materials already exist?

Demo Learning Materials: Boxer comes with a large sample of demo learning materials and tools, including sample programs for learning mathematics (Euclidean and transformational geometry, geometry on the surface of a cube, modular arithmetic, and statistics), physics (relative motion, composition of motions, orbital mechanics, and vectors), biology (evolution), and computer science. Other down-loadable learning tools include elementary motion (speed, distance and time), and image processing.

Tools: In addition to demo learning materials, Boxer comes with a set of tools that are directly useful, or useful in building other tools and learning materials. Examples include high-level components (a grapher, programmable calculator, simple drawing tool, data base tool, a mailing tool, etc.) and lower-level tools (interface objects like buttons, sliders, check boxes, pulldown menus, etc.).

Commercial Learning Materials: Several complete text-and-software curriculum projects are in development. Watch this space.

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Where can I read about Boxer and its philosophy of education?

The book, "Changing Minds: Computers, Learning, and Literacy," contains an extensive discussion of Boxer's philosophy of education and how it has been used. It is available from MIT Press.

Sample draft chapters from "Changing Minds" are available for download in pdf form here.

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Where can I read about Boxer programming?

The Documentation and Demos downloadable with Boxer contain both tutorials and a full on-line manual. Downloads are available here.

Also, the following papers are available in PDF format.

Twenty Reasons Why You Should Use Boxer (Instead of Logo)
Especially for Logo folks, but a general description of Boxer's advances over other programming environments.

Boxer Structures
A nearly complete desription of Boxer's organization and programming structures.

Open Toolsets
Boxer is especially good at tool building and tool sharing. Open toolsets are a new paradigm of educational software that supports co-development of materials and cultures.

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